Looking for a new home Alliance

Hello All, I have around 12 120’s 2 of which are mostly geared outside of Raiding. The reason being is I have a 6-year-old and can’t get on until about 830-9 pm are there any guilds that support this raid time this is Central for me time zone wise. The two characters that are geared are a Fury Warrior and Shadow Priest

Hiya, Slapsticks. Sorry for the late response, but the server board is kind of dead, so I don’t check it too often. If you are still looking, you can check out “The Bloodlust.” We have lots of people who play around those times. Raids are currently on hold till Shadowlands, but our scheduled times are 10pm-midnight Eastern. Casual raiding has been Weds., progression on Fri/Sat for the folks able to push it. Folks run M+ dungeons the other nights. I’ll send you an in-game mail from my main, Felwit. But you can ask folks if a Raid Officer is on, if you want to ask questions.

I would have offered a place in The Azeroth Accord – but we mainly focus on RP and casual PvE. Didn’t seem like the best fit :frowning:

I hope Slapsticks finds the perfect home!