Looking for a malygos alliance guild

Haven’t played since wrath and im just getting back into things, i was a day 1 malygos player (this character has been my main since then).

Looking for an alliance guild to do dungeons/raids with, in particular I’d like to go back and do some of the older raids i missed out on, like naxx or some of the tbc and wrath raids, would be nice to pick up those old sets for transmog.

I main this druid and usually spec balance, but i like healing and tanking as well and can handle both as needed. Also working on a monk healer alt.

Hiya, Nightlynx!

Shining Star Crusaders is an alliance guild on Icecrown, but lucky for you Icecrown and Malygos are linked so cross realm invite to the guild is possible! We are a casual and laid back guild that like to have fun and enjoy the expansions as they come.

We are currently looking for some awesome people like yourself to fill our raid team! We are 7/9N & 6/9H BoD. We raid Tues/Thurs 7:30pm-10:00pm central and going to start raiding new raid today! Of course, you don’t have to raid with us if you don’t want to, we accept any and all casual players who are looking to have a good time.

We also have weekend calendar events pretty often, so if you want some t-mog runs, we can def make that happen (who doesn’t love a transmog!)

Let me know if this is something you would be interested in. You can reach out to me through discord @ Shibae#4038 or of course i’ll be keeping a look out in the forums. Hope to see you around! :slight_smile:

Well i don’t know what all that means but it sounds good =p like i said, the last time i played was 11 years ago in wrath, so im working my way through all of the missed content and dont even know what mythics and all of that are about yet.

I played resto in vanilla, healed my way through molten core, onyxia, and some of blackwing lair. Also healed a bit in zg20 and aq20/40. With tbc i went feral and mostly tanked for kharazan and that one ogre raid in outland i forget the name of…
Didn’t do any wrath raiding other than during the beta.

For now ive set on balance, as resto healing has changed so much since i last played that i don’t even recognize the abilities anymore, itll take time to get used to that again. I’ve done some dungeon tanking, but oddly enough even though tank used to be my favorite role ive been enjoying healing a lot more now.

Ill add you on discord when i get a chance