Looking for a Knight theme RP guild

Hi, I would like to start leveling a character from scratch with a RP guild that has a medieval Knight theme. As a retired Veteran IRL I would like to avoid modern military style guilds for something more knight themed and period inspired. A guild where you can have a knighting ceremony etc. Maybe I just want an experience like Medieval Times dinner and show. Also I would like to avoid RP that involves Scarlet Crusade type behavior, there is enough of it in real life. I like the idea of starting out as a squire or something and ranking up in RP by way of certain level based quests or obtainable PvP goals that even casual players can get done. Lastly I would like a guild that is forgiving with grammar and spelling, because I have trouble typing. I know Iā€™m asking a lot, but if I can reach any guild that does this. I would be so grateful to join. p.s. I also have a lot of time to play so I can be around most the time if needed.

Hey man, try wyrmrest or moonguard realms.

This realm is about dead, and RP has been dead longer than that.

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