Looking for a home!

I am currently coming back from a break but am looking for a long-term home. I am an ex AOTC tank who is looking to come back to the game. I currently have experience with a monk, Druid,pally, dk, and DH. I am not looking to jump into a groups raid team right now. I am looking at finding at home for season 4 and then being 100% ready for 10.0! So please read this is I am behind and will be working on getting my characters ready for season 4 stuff. I also do not need a tank position, but that is what I feel comfortable doing and would be learning DPS. I am also looking for a place that is for cross faction raiding (especially if you want me to go alliance)

A little bit about me:

I am a 40 year old married (with baby on the way) guy who believes in positive gaming. My whole gaming life I have lived my life as a positive force in the games I play. I love tanking and love running Mythic+. Sadly, with things like RaiderIO and other tools, I started to lose the ability to have a successful and positive experience in pug groups.

What I am looking for:

I would love to find a home that only raids 2 nights a week and raids around 8est-11est (I cannot do Fri or Sat). I also would love a chance to do mythic raiding, but not to the point that I am going to burn myself out and hate the game. Mostly, I am looking for a long-standing group that has withstood the test of time to still like each other and continue to play this at a high level. Transferring / Rerolling is an option for an amazing fit.

Interested? My discord name is: Slothdaddy#2328