Looking for a Guild?

Roasted Quail is looking to bolster its ranks.
We are looking for mature players (New and returning) for all activities
Raiding - Mythic+ - PvP

With more of a focus on PVE content and
a bigger interest in preparing for the new expansion

Things you will find at Roasted Quail
Active officers * Dungeon plundering * Raid Ransacking
Helping hands * WE want to see you geared and raiding with us and
we will help get you there.

Weekend raids focus on gearing new/alt characters and getting them
geared for more expansive roles in heroic raids.

Tuesdays and Wednesday are our core raid for progression

These are all subject to change affected by growth.
Everything else is focused on dungeons, visions, and
anything fun in-between.

Looking for all roles
PM Verennes-LightningHoof
Mail When offline