Looking for a Guild


Hey guys, I’m a returning Wow player I took a lot of time off this expansion to focus on work but I really missed playing again. I recently purchased shadowlands and boosted myself a Paladin on US Stormrage. I’m currently looking for a positive community of adult gamers ages from 20-30s. I’m looking for a guild to do content with raid Normal and heroic possibly mythic depending on the raid schedule with my work schedule. I want to do mythic plus dungeons and just have an overall positive community to play with. I admit I’m very rusty at raiding because it’s been awhile since I really did content other then LFR or random pug groups for Normal mode but I have the itch and craving to get back to playing the game I grew up loving. I’m looking for an active community not just a guild that logs on for daily tasks and raids and then never is on. I’m looking for people to socialize with and enjoys gaming. My battle tag is Knightro #11443. You can contact me on bnet or message me on Twitter Tydrennis. (Alliance Guilds Only)



   Agents of change would seem to check most of the boxes that you are looking for other than being on the same server. Are you open to transferring?


Yes I am open to changing servers. I came to Stormrage mostly because it was the server I already started playing on when I first came to Wow. What’s your guilds normal raid schedule hours?


We raid Tuesday-Thursday from 7-9:30 Central Time. We are currently 4/8 Mythic and are a very fun guild where people tend to make lots of friends. Its a genuinely good community but we also down bosses.


Those days and hours are perfect for me.


nos#1911 is my btag if you want later on we can get in discord and i can chat with you along with our gm and you can get the vibe of what we are about


Perfect I get off work in another 2 hours.


same, that works perfect