Looking for a guild


Hello everyone!

I’m looking to transfer to a different realm (See this post). I want to make sure I transfer for more then just “a more active player base”. I’d like a very active but casual guild to join.

I’d appreciate your recommendation/recruitment posts!

Lv58 Fury Warrior


Hey, Strior! So, I read your list and was wondering if you are totally against realms on Eastern time? No Place Like Gnome is on [Dalaran] which is on EST. However, we have many members that live in Central or even Pacific time (including our GM). We have members on all evening and usually pretty late into the night. Dalaran is an active server with a great economy. If you aren’t completely against an Eastern time server, it might be worth it to give No Place Like Gnome a try! Please message me if interested. I hope to hear from you! In the meantime, here is a bit more about us:

A Little More About the Guild: No Place Like Gnome is a casual AOTC guild (currently 8/8H EP). We are a social guild with active members. We have a relaxed raid team with a progression mindset, run weekly M+, have die hard wPVP fanatics, do achievement runs, run off-the-wall guild events, and more!

M+ Needs: ALL, though tanks and healers are our current highest priority

Raid Days/Times/Needs: Saturdays, 9pm-12am EST; occasional alt runs on Sundays 8-10pm EST
DPS (Shaman); heals (MW Monk); tank (lowest priority)
If you aren’t a class/spec that we are currently looking for but think we would be a good fit, please send a message! Our raid night is open to anyone in the guild, regardless of class/spec!

Not interested in M+ or raiding? No problem! Casual members are always welcome!

If any of this sounds like it would be a good fit for you, message me at:
Bnet: Rory#11526
Discord: Rory#0376


Thank you for your reply. I will look over your guild’s page.