Looking for a guild!

Hello! I’m a veteran from Vanilla! I love my guild mates but over the years my guild leader has not recruited nor kept up with the guild to well so its mainly extremely casual! I’m looking for a guild i can raid with and find a arena partner! Also i would love to have someone to push mythic s with and really take off and be social. sitting in a guild alone stinks! I have a lot of experience in wow and MMORPGS in general playing everything from KOTOR, ESO,TERA, FF14 and more! I’m a older guy with kids and a serious job so when i get home and put the monsters back in the closet for the night i look to unwind, tell a few dick jokes and have a good time. Please contact me back if you think i would be a good fit!

TANARIS Valfury#11912

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If you haven’t found a guild yet. I will send PM. Global Liberation is a 6/8 normal palace with weds/ fri night raids. 10-20 people on at anytime with all content being ran at various levels. Mature group with excellent dad jokes!

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never got a add! please add me!

Let me know if U still looking for a guild