Looking for a guild where people sometimes talk

I tried one guild when I started on the server - no one said a word when I joined. Every time I logged on I said hello and no one replied. When I left no one said a word - to me, anyway. I have to admit they made up in consistency what they may have lacked in chattiness. Time to try again.

Morning, Moiraine! Sorry to hear you had such a poor experience with your previous guild.

Aside from being social, what type of guild are you looking for?

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My number one goal is people to talk to. Not constantly, not 20 people on at once all jabbering away but not a Simon and Garfunkle guild featuring the sounds of silence either. At least some of the chat typed not all or almost all in voice chat (see below).

Occasional groups with guildmates will be nice too - at 120 I mean, it is fast and easy to level to 120 in a few days solo if one is in a hurry. I am perfectly willing to raid if a guild needs raiders but that isn’t my strength and with bad hearing anything that requires Discord or other voice chat even just to listen is a problem.