Looking for a guild to call home

Hello there thanks for taking the time to read my post… I am jsut coming back for 9.2 after a few weeks off due to some family troubles looking for a guild to call home an just have some fun with this Patch… I am looking to heal either shammy druid or monk or i am willing to play pally even tho i am rusty on the pally Feel free to hit me up on discord or Bnet
Bnet- Crixus250x#1682

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Hey bud i sent you a request on both bnet and discord. I would love to get the chance to chat with you

check us out!

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Hey Shenzuz!

I am the gm of a new guild called The Legal Bananas on alliance stormrage! We could use an extra healer, preferably either shammy or pally! Please check out my recruitment spam, I think you’d fit in perfectly!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me a DM on discord: FluffyPanda#6738 or in game: Jemeeka! Looking forward to hearing from you! :heart: