Looking for a guild that's active at night?

Tired of logging in at night only to see that nobody is online to chat with while you farm all night hoping you get a black lotus or arcane crystal?

How about looking at your guild discord notifications about all the awesome loot that dropped during a raid time you couldn’t make?

Or what about spamming for hours looking for that dungeon group so you can get that quest done?

Late Night Smacks is a new guild looking to add active night-time players to our roster to help with anything from questing and leveling, to hopefully being able to do some raids - with goals of AQ20 when it becomes available.

So quit loggging in and talking to yourself all night, and join us today.

Hi Aureldia the name is Piklik the 60 pink-haired bloodthirsty warrior. Are you guys still raiding or dungeon-ing, you guys going to TBC classic? I’m going to stay classic era but desparate for a night raiding/dungeon-ing guild that is going to stay classic era too. I’m on the west coast so just throw me a message if you get this.

I’m looking for a guild!