Looking for a guild (RP, Goblin?)


After a long Looong break from WoW. I ‘quit’ WoW at the start of BFA. I’ve finally come back with the coming of Classic and have to admit it pulled me back into some Retail aswell.

Since I want to get into RP on Retail aswell as classic I’m now looking for a guild on retail aswell, unfortunately my intensive searching along the first fifty results on the forum has not yielded any results for a goblin themed guild, so here I am. Writing an open application for a Goblin themed guild on Classic… Or honestly a guild that would accept my goblin that also fits my fancy.

Some things about me:
I’m European, Now I know this might make people think “Wouldn’t that make RP timezones difficult for you?” but Ah you see… I work till midnight in my timezone, meaning I’m online afterwards; AKA, Around 18:00 till 22:00 server time will be my common hours.

I’m twenty-three years old, So occasionally what comes out of my mind can be confused for knowledge.

I ramble a lot and try my best to indulge in conversation with people when they are looking for something like such, I’m not easily offended and hope I’ll find a group kin to that as I’m almost certain due to our seperate cultures my views may not align with yours, And that’s okay.

Edit: Oh yeah! I’ve been RPing for over seven years now, Ranging from DnD to my previous (Bar a few) WoW realm on EU. Argent Dawn. (Atleast a year ago)

About the character I’m trying to sell you on here:
As most of my TRP got wiped in the time away I’m currently in the process of rewriting the profile, meaning I can’t simply copy-paste it into here. I can however tell you about “Zissa”. Known as “Zissa ‘Slicey’ Longfuse”. Yes, I know. Childish Nickname.
Zissa Longfuse is a character created solely with the voice of the Warcraft 3 Goblin Zeppelin as inspiration. He’ll be a little more over the top, Love the air and borderline mental compared to the much more level-headed and mercantile focused goblins of today. While back in the second war he was seen as an “Engineer”, back when engineer meant “Can make things go boom” he has currently fallen behind on that aspect, unable to create anything other than “Things that go boom”. Dynamite, Got it. Incendiary bomb? I can probably make that. Music box? Probably… But after using it once it won’t work anymore… And you might want to take a few steps away from it while it plays.

Thankfully the goblin has found a way to sustain himself in the war-driven world of War-…Craft. And that is a simple one, PRIVATEERING! Two blades, A lot of slicey slicey and a personal zeppelin has helped Zissa obtain goods, People and even turtles just before they made it to the water all in the name of payout for the goblin.

So… Anyone know of a place for me and my boy? I greatly appreciate every answer that comes into this thread, So thank you ahead of time.

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You’re in luck! Wyrmrest Accord is home to many guilds that’d be a good fit for your character.

A good place to start would be the Horde Guild Directory. There’s a number of Goblin-centric ones. If you’re more open to guilds that have a more general engineering and/or mercantile bent, then your options open up considerably!

And of course, there’s the amazing Firebrand Enterprises! Of course I am biased.

If you’re just looking to get into the Goblin RP community in general though, you’ll also want to check out the Gadgetzan Gazette Discord Server.

The Goblin Colosseum also has a lot of people on it. Events, guilds, and more get posted on both all the time.

I’d say your best bet though is to hang around the Valley of Honor and keeping an eye out for potential RP. Find who you enjoy hanging out with IC/OOC, and then the decision about which guild will be right for you should become a lot easier to make. Just don’t be surprised if you get multiple offers!

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