Looking for a Guild (M+, Raids, etc.)

I have come back to the game recently and have not been able to find a guild.

I have been playing WoW on and off since a little bit before Cata launched and never managed to find a guild to do anything with. I am interested in doing M+ and raiding but done really know where to start. I have thought about pugging the content but I would be more comfortable with a regular group of people who are willing to bear with me while i get the hang of things.

I am an average player but i am willing to learn. I may be interested in doing harder content like Mythic Raiding but I am also not trying to be on the top of any leaderboards.

I work an 8 to 5 full time schedule so I would prefer to be in a group that runs content a few nights a week after 6pm CST

Thanks for reading

I would suggest my guild! < KawaiiAlliance > We are small and relatively new, we all come from our previous guild where we faced some similar issues. Raiding Tuesday and Friday 7-10pm PST. 430+ ilvl and base cloak required.