Looking for a Guild [H]

Hello Everyone!

Me and a couple of buddies are looking for a guild to jump into. We have all the classes and roles covered and are not sure what to main in the upcoming xpack when it drops… but were looking for a friendly adult group of people to play with. There are four of us, our mains are sitting in the 260ish ilvl area. We love to PVP and hit Mythics but didnt do alot of raiding in SL. That could change in DF if the schedules line up.

TLDR; looking for cool people to play the game with who understand that adults have jobs and families outside of wow.

lemme know whatcha got!

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I have a Guild on Arygos. Riders of the Storm. I know this is a late reply but I also have a life outside of WOW. LOL. If you have not found an appropriate Guild we are here. We are casual. We have people that play early morning and a few that play at night. We really don’t schedule much. Most of us are over 30 and a lot of us are in our 50’s and a few in their 70’s . No stress, great people and out motto is be kind. I know a couple of us would love to learn the PVP side of WOW.

Hey Rienzo,

< Wandering Aimlessly > might be what you’re aiming for. We are all pretty much in “do it before its too late” mode, getting achievements and items we wont be able too once DF comes out, leveling alts, mythic and seeing the raiding content you haven’t seen. However, as you said, were an adult guild most members are in their 30s-ish… feel free to let me know if you have questions, just wanna hangout and meet some of us or if you need a healer :slight_smile:


Rienzo! Come join us in Critical Hit. We’re also old, casual/medium-core, we’re tired, we have kids and mortgages, and we find what little pleasure in life from playing this blasted game with each other after we put the DEMONS to bed. :slight_smile:

We are: 8/8 Normal. 7/8 Heroic, Rasz 32%. We do keys ranging from 2’s to 20’s, helping our guildies get gear, experience and content completed!

Hope to see you out there!

Rienzo, my guild hope everlasting is open for all, with the launch of cross faction guilds, you can come in if you like. But know, this choice is up to you. No one is forcing you to do anything.