Looking for a Casual Raiding Guild

Any Casual Raiding Guilds around? Looking for a group on my soon to be 60 Rogue that is more about having a fun time while raiding than doing it as fast as possible.


  • Doesn’t raid too late into the evenings
  • No Loot Council (or is limited in some fashion)
  • Fun Discord Conversations

I Don’t mind if still progressing through whatever Tier, I just would rather raid with a fun group that is working towards their next goal, than an efficient group that has everything on clear. I have raided all through Vanilla to Cataclysm, so looking for some of the fun that I had back then :smiley:

SIN has a raid 2 group that is pretty casual - currently working on MC hoping to be in BWL around the time that AQ drops - our core group is full clearing bwl and will be ready for AQ when it drops