Looking for a Casual Guild


I’m quite new to WoW and have tried it a little in the past but recently got more into it and for the time being I’m looking for a casual guild to do questing or dungeons with. I’m a level 47 Tauren Protection Paladin on Kel’ Thuzad.


Hi Comit!

Found a Green Quest (Est. March 2018) a horde PVE guild with a cross-realm community is located on Zul’jin. We’re a small but growing fun, friendly, social family. We have a big focus on fun in and out of Azeroth.

We host community events such as fun contests, leveling groups, crazy mythics/dungeons/raids and more!

If you would like more information, have any interest or have any questions please reach out to me on here, battle.net or discord.

Real ID: Kiua#1912
Discord: Kiuayoukai#2395

(Nayelie) #3

Hi Comit! We are StuggIe CuddIe ([H]Mal’Ganis) 8/8H AOTC 1/8M, an old guild with good people. We are looking for friends to either join us as we prepare for 8.3! We have former top raiders, casual raid loggers, and everything in between. We enjoy spending time together, and are looking to engage in more content.

We are currently looking for warm bodies to join us as we prep for 8.3. We will continue to run Heroic EP to help everyone get gear and get to know us.

Low levels welcome! We have new recruits that are making their way through the levels that can keep you company.

Raid times 8.2: Tues 7pm-10pm cst (First 6 bosses)

Raid times in 8.3: Tue/Thur 7PM CST-10PM

So if you are looking for a guild to call home, or someone to xrealm with, say hi!

Discord (preferred):
Bnet (My friends list is full, but for reference):