Looking at starting a vanilla guild. Starting off at home

15 yrs ago I played this game looking for loot in any guild that would take me. Now I feel ready to lead a semi casual guild to greatness in Classic. This would be a 15-25 hour a week raid guild (including attunement, consumable farming, raiding, etc) I can personally do and expect to do more time (Officers will need more time as well) but for core raiders that’s what’s expected. Ideal times would be 8pm PST (All raids would start this time) Farm raids 2-4 hours on Tuesday after reset. Mat/Consumable farming and perhaps some raiding Wed. Main raid day is Thurs. Depending on people more 8pm PST+ raiding throughout the week. I’m 32 and manage a very popular tourist location. I feel I can manage 40-60 nerds for a group that could kill KT given time for the semi casuals. I don’t currently have an active account because live is no fun for me. Please contact me @pokerjoker2213@gmail.com if interested. I’ll be posting on other servers for recruits but wanted to post to my home server first.
-Alias on Frostmane include: Amywong, Torangaleela, Drzoidberg, Hedonismbot, Nosteponsnek, Ineedhealing