Look this Weekly ask do 3000 rep Thing Blizzard Can we have a talk!

JUST MAKE IT AIDING THE ACCORD! i know try to change it up make it different but making it annoying to compelet each week ive gone 4 weeks now without finishing it because its feast or assualt for real … Game Designers or Devs keep it simple stupid applys here this alway just needs to be AIDING THE ACCORD AND NOT GET 3000 rep AND DO SOMETHING ELSE! ITS ANNOYING!!! PEOPLE HAVE ALTS AND LIFES WAITING 3HOURS FOR EVENTS NEVER WORKS I COULD SEE IT WAS GET 3000 OR DO EVENT NOW THAT WOULD MAKE SCENE!

you know u can just continue the quest from the prior week and complete it over more then one week?

But also don’t complain just because you are either lazy and don’t like world quests or don’t have enough time to play. 3k rep doesn’t take long at all. takes less then an hour to complete on an alt due to the way catch up rep works

the 3k rep is easy to do, even on my main. my alts can get it done with 2 rep turn ins. takes 5 mins with 4 of it flying to where i need to turn in