Look For Guild

I’m deaf
Unable microphone
I am bored for soloing in years.
I did use LFG and RAID is fun

There is a well-known guild specialising in deaf and hard-of-hearing players, Undaunted.

I know nothing about them myself, but it seems like a place to start looking.


I’m in the Daggerspine Realms
Do I have to move to their Realms?

Guilds are scheduled to accept members from different realms next expansionm but for Dragonflight it will not be possible to join a guild on a different realm.


I would not pay for a transfer without an assurance that you are a good fit for that guild, and that you are happy there.

You can contact them on their website here: https://undauntedguild.com/apply/

That will lead you to their Discord, where you can chat with them.

I expect that they would take you along on a couple of raids and dungeons and chat with you on Discord before you transfer and join their guild.

Thank you so much :blush:

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