Long, long time ago players

I’m curious to see if there’s anyone who still plays, retail or classic. Specifically, anyone who was apart of Unified or Ascendance–merged with variance at the start of TBC.

I Left before WotLK was released, resubbed to PvP, but haven’t played since before Cataclysm launched. Earlier this year, I resubbed to BFA really late, went on a hiatus, and then hit Shadowlands hard. I used to play a Troll Shaman named Kilgore.

Hey Kilgore! I remember you for sure. I was in Unified and The OCK when I was Horde :slight_smile:

I think I remember you. You played a Priest, with the same name, back then too? I certainly remember Exigence guild from PvP. They’d come with heat, every game. Do you play often? I presume so, considering youre a level 60; still on DB I assume?

I’m an old TBC fenris player. Played a warlock Scylliss [H] from Hand of Pain way way back

Jolah, do you play the current expansion DF?