Lol the awc, this is how seriously blizzard takes arena

Elimintation matches.


What am i looking at here? What about elimination matches?

Nah man, elimintation matches.


Oh. Lol. Yeah. Typos never happen,ever…

The point is that it’s incredibly unprofessional to have typos in your title, of all places. I mean, you’re proof-reading a single line - or just a couple of words, even.

Sad part is this is Blizzard we’re talking about: huge company… can’t be bothered to get a title right for it’s AWC/E-sports scene, but can turn a blurry, in-game painting of a reclining female model into a bowl of fruit?


Yeah man 8 billion dollar company doesn’t have spell check I forgot. Or they don’t care enough to double check what they’re doing.


Lmao this is BAD. Was it the jack daniels, or the r*&fies? Or both?

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Elimintation should become a meme


They had one job!


I’m convinced that someone with a GED runs the entire PvP scene at this point.

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You’ve been elimintated!


Do people still believe they have staff allocated to pvp? People actually buy the whole “people have to die” excuse to 0 testing?

With so many lawsuits going on the Sha of Greed might get slain and some changes could happen though.

9.1.5 EliMINTation season!

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Why is this serious at all?

They fixed the typo very quickly, and even if they didn’t, it is not a big deal.

Everyone makes mistakes.

even cnn makes typos on their live graphics

people screw up at their jobs sometimes. i know i have

…And that’s just as bad.

I get that ppl screw up sometimes, but one line? A couple words? You can’t double-check that before letting it go live and embarrassing the company? Is spell-check not a thing in 2021?


i don’t know what software they use but it’s very possible it doesn’t have a spell check feature or maybe it’s disabled because they use so many terms/acronyms that aren’t actually words

stuff happens especially during live events

Acting like it’s the end of the world over here, an intern made a typo so what?

What? Who’s saying it’s the end of the world?

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