< LökTar >[H] 3/8H EP, 1/9M, 9/9H BoD, 2/2H COS LFM


<LökTar> guild is a horde guild located on Hyjal and currently recruiting. We are a group of experienced raiders focused on completing all levels of raid content and mythic dungeons (and a little PVP). Our goal is to create a fun and positive community for dedicated players with little time to play but a big passion for the game.

Raid days
Tuesday/Wednesday 7:00pm to 10:00pm server (Pacific Standard Time).
Optional Friday Nights at 7:00pm to 10:00pm or whenever we decide to end the night.

Current Progression
3/8H EP
7/8N EP
9/9H BOD
1/9M BOD
2/2H COS

High Priority needed immediately
Death Knight-dps
Feral druid
Enhancement shaman
Retribution paladin
Demon Hunter

Shadow Priest
Elemental shaman

Restoration druid
Restoration shaman

-Be knowledgeable about your class
-Be knowledgeable about raid strategies and your role(s) within that strategy
-Be prepared for raid with reagents and flasks (yes, we pre-pot)
-Be repaired, gemmed, and enchanted
-Be ready to always give 100%
-Meet ilvl requirements, which is currently 395+
-Discord, we use this during raids to communicate. You don’t have to talk but you do need to listen.
-Attendance and the ability to show up on time, with exceptions to those that tell us ahead of time they won’t be able to make it.

How do I apply?
Contact one of the officers below to provide basic information. At that time a trial run may or may not be set up to acquire if the applicant should or should not proceed to a “trial status” with our guild. Trial period typically lasts 2 weeks.

Note: If your class is not listed as needed, feel free to contact us if you consider yourself an exceptional player!



Dotyouris#1691 Guild master
Galorina#1877 Recruitment

(H) Ret pala 406 LF heroic raiding guild
Looking to transfer for guild
401 2/9M havoc dh needs mythic raiding!
407/405 Holy Paladin/Prot Paladin LF Mythic Guild
415 rdruid/ 415 disc +more lf guild [H]
Please delete
423 ilvl Ret Paladin LF EST Guild
411 Resto Druid
(Doomabelle) #2

Go team! Join us as we venture through H CoS and M BoDa.

413 Frost Mage lf raiding guild
395 Arcane Mage

Looking for more, dps and heals

(Doubltap) #4

Still looking for more come check us out

(Doomabelle) #5

Let’s do this!


Need some dps and some heals


I am here for the Bumpage

(Doomabelle) #9

Healers and RDPS needed to kick butt in current raid content and beyond.


Looking for dps and healers

(Doubltap) #11

Looking for strong healers and DPS

404 MW 2/9M lf mythic raiding
(Doomabelle) #12

Let’s do this!


To the top!


calling all healers and dps!

(Doomabelle) #15

Heroic Un’nat down! Woot!


Still looking for people to progress with

(H) 412 Dps DH LF M or H Raid Team

Bump! this is a complete sentence

(Doomabelle) #18

Did your guild decide to take a break until 8.2? Don’t wait around for them! Join us as we venture through Mythic BoDa.


Come get your mythic loot with an amazing guild!


Still on the search for some healers and dps

Ilvl 413 Mage LF Raiding Guild

Join our guild; we’re really great. We have a diverse group of men and more than two women.