Login battle.net client is spinning

First, I’m not sure why it’s logging me out every time I exit WoW. It’s deeply annoying…

Second, the battle.net client tries to log me back in automatically but it spins and spins until I restart the battle.net client.

Third, after restarting the client, it spins for a while before logging me in. (side note: I can’t even restart the app if the login popup is visible. I have to close that before I can quit.)

For years, I’ve only had to enter my password on rare occasions. Now it’s happening every time I play.

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I have seen similar stuff. I can no longer just swap my monitor/keyboard to another mac for work and come back hours later or battle.net will have me logged out and spinning so I have to restart it. Sometimes i can just reenter password but its annoying.

Also happens overnight so likely something with going to sleep. Been poking around settings but mostly I just quit battle.net when I am done now.

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I’ll start doing this–good idea :slight_smile:

so at least in my case it was user error. i had not checked off prevent putting computer to sleep if display goes off under energy saver in system settings. i thought i had.

have not seen this crop up since i did check that option.

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This is awesome. I use Amphetamine to prevent my machine from sleeping (unless I say SLEEP NOW). But I’ve been forgetting to start it . I’ll see if this does it for me :slight_smile:

I use amphetamine too but it only prevents me from sleeping not my mac. Odd.

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