Logging out in SL - Druid Flight Form

If I log out as a druid in travel form while flying in Shadowlands, when I log back in I am a deer and fall to my doom. So the form right now is reverting to ground travel on logging out, which is problematic.


Yep same here, I log out in the air in bird form and when I log in I’m in travel (Cat) form and fall to my death >.<

same, its really annoying

still an ongoing problem; pain in the butt having to walk back to my corpse because my druid form kamikaze’d me

Apparently this is still not fixed and it’s super annoying.
I’ve had the same thing happen, luckily I was able to load enough to be able to use Wild Charge to prevent me from dying. But I would have thought this would get fixed by now…

Edit: I’ve also noticed the same thing happens when you leave dungeon finder groups. If you accepted the queue and entered while in flight form, when you leave group it drops you out in travel form.

They probably aren’t going to fix it. It’s likely to prevent exploiting. Just always make sure you’re near the ground when you log out or make sure you’re super high in the air so you can drop form and reshift into flight form. I want to say this was also an issue in BfA and Legion as well, but it’s been a while.


It certainly feels a lot more like a bug, or something that was overlooked, than a purposeful feature. Especially because it’s only an issue with druids flight form, if you’re on a normal flying mount you stay on it when logging back in. I can’t really think of any possible exploit caused by staying in the form you left the game in…

I never bothered to do the pathfinder grind to get flying in either Legion or BfA though so can’t say in that regard :c

Still a bug. Can this please get looked at and fixed, it’s incredibly annoying.

Bumping… still a bug

veo que desde el mes de julio no se a arreglado el error, recientemente me estoy con un druida, y tengo el problema de que si cierro sesion usando la forma de vuelo, al iniciarla mi druida aparece cayendo y usando la forma de viaje terrestre (venado), obviamente que moria unas 2 veces, pero aca me encuentro con mucha gente reportado lo mismo, pero sin una respuesta… ojala que para el 2 de nov este bug se solucione, ya que es muy irritante que suceda cada vez.

Many months later and still a bug. Idc if this is a necro, it’s appalling that this is still a bug.

This is still a thing. Dear Blizzard, please fix this annoying issue.

Who cares if it is a necro.

Still a bug a year later. Wtf Bliz. Stop throwing CoEd party bashes and fix some things.

Yap started to level my druid because of the xp boost. First time logging back on after a break I went splat.

I just leveled my druid to 60 and discovered this. Fun.

I do have a random theory about how this the bug might have come about… back when flying was first turned on, on literally day 1 of it I hopped between a bunch of 50+ alts just exploring with flight. I happened to get on on a taxi on my druid (in flying form in one of the outdoor zones) to go to Oribos. To my surprise, I was still in flight form in Oribos when I landed, so I got to fly around the Ring of Transference for a bit, it was pretty cool. Honestly, there wasn’t much to see.

It was hotfixed very shortly after, probably even same day. Now, if you mount a taxi while in flight form, you get dropped off in Oribos as your grounded travel form. It’s possible that whatever code change they made to do this is also affecting logout behavior. Just a thought :slight_smile:

Not that it really matters. But it could be why they haven’t fixed it–they’d have to find another way to fix the original behavior.