Locked behind holiday restriction transmog

Hey there Blizzard team, I LOVE the new updates to transmog, being able to transmog grey/white items now is a blessing. Though I did notice a gigantic flaw within it.

Before this update, anybody could put on clothes like the ‘Lovely Red Dress’ for example anytime they wanted since it was a regular grey/white item and didn’t have an armor restriction. I was hoping it would become a new cosmetic for general transmog but now it is locked behind the holiday restriction of ‘Love is in the Air’.

For some items that would make sense but is there anyway this can be changed since we could have worn it anytime before the transmog update?


I’m here to gripe about that same thing. I have several mogs now that are holiday locked when they were added to my mog library. I’m glad they removed professional restrictions but the holiday restrictions are just as dumb if not dumber IMO. People work hard to acquire those mogs and now we’re told we can only wear them a couple days a year? Might as well not give us the things. I lost access to my Dinner Suits (same holiday as the Lovely Dresses). Heck, I can’t even wear regular tuxedo pants now because it’s holiday locked.

Worst case is I gotta wait for the holiday to come around -again- in the hopes I can get maybe get another copy to hold in my bags and by then hope blizzard hasn’t changed them to being manually wearable (as in drag and drop to wear).


I just logged into game to check out the white and gray items for transmog and noticed that the (this item is only useable during the holiday its from). Also many of my characters wear some of these holiday items daily and now they can not as they are restricted.

I WAS SO PISSED! I came here to let Blizzard know how unhappy I am about this and see that I’m not the only one.

They really NEED to remove this restriction. Many other popular games don’t do this, in fact I don’t even know a game that restricts holiday items to the holidays they are from. And I played a lot of MMORPGs and other games with cosmetics over the 40+ years of my gaming.

Please Blizzard please remove the holiday restrictions on ALL holiday items. And not just the cosmetic ones.


I was super excited when I first heard about this initially because I’ve collected a few of the white holiday versions of various outfits in characters’ banks. Blizzard has no problems adding appearances/mounts/etc that players can’t get anymore. You can’t get white versions of holiday outfits anymore, so I didn’t think this would be any different.

Now, I don’t like holiday outfit restrictions, but if Blizzard wants to keep them in place that’s their prerogative. However the way that white versions of holiday outfits were handled is just plain obnoxious.

Let’s say for example, I have a single white version of a Lovely Black Dress. I can still click/drag it to my chest slot to equip it. But if I right click AT ALL, it will be consumed and added to my collection, NOT turned into BoE, essentially making it until I have to wait until the holiday to be able to use the appearance again.

At the VERY LEAST the white versions should become bound so we can still use it normally. Basically they should have been treated like all other transmogs are now (i.e. equip to unlock the appearance, binding it to you), rather than cosmetic items (i.e. consume item to unlock the appearance). It’s basically a slap in the face to anybody that’s fortunate enough to go out of their way to get these versions of outfits you can’t get anymore.


I was hoping to finally remove all my Holliday gear out of my bank so I have room for other items but since they say can only use transmog during the holidays, I can not.

What the hell is the point to having these in game if we can only use them during holidays?

I can wear the actual item all year round so why not the Transmog?

This is so stupid? I’ve been waiting for Blizzard to add these to transmog so we can transmog our gear to look like them for over 10 years now. Only to have them to screw it up as if they didn’t even do it. Yes you can but no, you can not most of the year. It feels more like they didn’t get added!


Looks like Blizz removed most holiday restrictions with a hotfix today!


Rejoyce everyone, the fabled Bronze Tinted Glasses from the Anniversary event are now moggable year-round!


Oh Happy Day! Thank you so much Blizz for listening!


Still cannot mog pumpkin head or any Winter’s Veil outfits? Doesn’t seem like “most” of anything has been lifted.

Edit: No winter’s veil, brewfest, noblegarden, or hallow’s end items have been made available. Again… what is “most”?


Not most, Just a few items.

There is a few I noticed but most are still locked behind the holiday events. It’s a start in the right direction. But winter veil set, brewfest set, Noblegarden Set, Midsummer Fire Festival set, Hallow’s End set, Pilgrim’s Bounty set are all still locked behind the holiday lockout.


Well, keep talking about the holiday items you want to see unrestricted! Blizz seems on a roll so letting them know while the iron is hot might get you what you want in 10.0.7!


Not much to talk about. They directly said they eased restrictions, so they’ve given it thought… they chose to unrestrict a minimal amount of holiday items. So we’re still dealing with the same old developers who create content that is only allowed to be consumed the exact way they see fit.