Local Defense

I’ve been looking at the various threads a while now and I was told that they got rid of the Local Defense killed PvP. I’m asking because I just logged into game and it said I joined a Local Defense for Stormwind. What am I missing here? I’m a bit confused.

World defense. Showed u any place getting attacked across the entire game.

What still baffles me is people have complained this long about the removal of world defense channel but their lack of use of the ability to make custom Global chats and create communities specifically for it.

Honestly, people just like to babble babble itch itch rebel rebel……i may have made that forum friendly.

There’s still a good amount of natural wpvp going on.


It was much easier for guilds to claim bases of operation in the game and defend them by watching the world defense channel and responding if that area was being attacked. No one had to be there to tell the rest of the guild that their base was being attacked.

Prime example. D7 hit Ironforge just the other night and one CBH guildie just happened to be in Ironforge. We were able to respond but we only came in at the last minute. Normally we don’t get to respond at all because no one is ever in Ironforge.

Natural WPVP still happens, but it was much easier to pick fights with specific groups back when the World Defense channel worked.


I did some more looking into this because I couldn’t remember when the channel stopped working.

It looks like when they introduced War Mode the channel broke due to all of the sharding tech the game uses. It would have made it impossible to find the offending attacker when you arrive in the zone the alert came from since the game often re-shards you when transitioning between zones, and always re-shards you when traveling between continents.

I wonder what Blizzard could do to help with this, it’s obvious they don’t have it on their radar.


I would bet this gets fixed. I would put money on it and I’m not a betting man unless it’s a sure thing.

Is that even betting/gambling at that point? Also I sure do hope you are right.

So I was thinking. TRP3 has a tracker in it. I believe its called “Find RP” and it lets you see who is in different areas that RP’s and has their TRP3 on. With that in mind I think it would probably be easy enough to code an add on that would bring back the channel. If I were a coder I would do it in an instant.

They removed it in Legion, before Warmode.
But it was because of all the phasing and sharding they introduced.

Blizz has stated they have no intention of fixing this.

Its kind of an impossible task, and why Blizz doesnt have it in game anymore.

TRP3 works by using the in game chat channels to send information between players.
(if youll look at the channels you are in you will see one at the bottom called Extended or something, with a bunch of numbers.)
This channel is used to pass data between everyone with the Addon.

In theory you could use this same idea to make an addon to replace World Defense but you have a lot of issues you cant work around.

Say local defense goes off, so the addon notices that, and then relays that info to this addon.

The addon has no way of knowing what phase you are, what phase the other players are on, and if you have Warmode on or off, or if that player is phased to another realm even.

So you could see a ping for defense, go out there, and it could be empty, because you’re not in the right instance.

ALSO, this would require there to be people from your faction in the zone, to receive the alert for local defense, and then xfer that info to everyone else.

Just not really feasible with how they have the servers set up now.