LMRTV Roleplay - March Writing Raffle!

Howdy-ho I’m a little late this month but it’s time again for the monthly writing raffle! I have a bit of news of changes to the raffle before we get to last month’s winner; we’ll be upping the raffle prize this month and the forseeable future to 25k because I have been teased of by my partner for 5k being ‘not worth getting out of bed for’ and ‘a baby prize’.

But big congratulations to Cerryan for winning last month’s raffle! Cerryan’s post can’t be applauded without also mentioning Raelana’s post because in a hilarious and brilliant move, the both of them swapped characters and wrote the same scene from the opposite perspective. Not only well written, but extremely funny to read Cerryan roast his own character from Raelana’s perspective! I was in tears from laughing at:
“How have you been? It feels like forever since we last spoke.”

It hadn’t been. It was yesterday. His mindlessness could be endearing sometimes but this was pushing it.

Check out the rest here:


To enter the writing raffle for this month, please read the prompt and comment on this post with your story! Eligible stories will be entered into the raffle, with the winner getting 25k gold! Gold will be sent to the character you post your comment on (so please make sure the character you are posting on is on LMRTV server cluster or you cannot get the gold!). Eligible stories must be relevant to the prompt, not an obvious troll, at least five sentences long, and obviously not break any rules of the forums.

The prompt for this month is: This month, let’s have a little fun! Tell the story of the best party your character has ever been to! But keep in mind, it’s whatever your character enjoyed the most. So it could be an absolute wild rager, or maybe it’s just a really nice tea party they had with their mom, or maybe it’s a real RP event where they met their best friend! Really use it to show the kind of person your character is, and what they enjoy.

If you’re interested in the RP community on our server cluster, feel free to join the discord! Discord invite code: UuuHguc