LMRTV Roleplay Community Information

Hello! Interested in getting involved in RP on TNRH? Then you’ve come to the right place! Below I’m going to try and keep this post edited with the latest information about guilds and the community hubs of our server cluster. If you have something to add/a correction you’d like made, please either reply to this post or send me a message, Arahe-Ravenholdt.


Discord: https://discord.gg/8XdTCk7

Created by the same folks that made the community website and the bnet group, this is an active place where you can easily get in contact with some longtime members of the community. This is an rp focused group, however, and trolls (the internet kind, not the Horde kind) will not be tolerated. We usually have weekly barnights/card nights IC ingame, but the time and date can change week to week, and are announced here!

B-net group: https://blizzard.com/invite/3OpKbHr0v

An easy place to find eachother inside of the bnet client, this is relatively new and we’re still working to build it up.


Please join the channel "RP" ingame on either faction to find members of the community hanging out! This is generally used as an OOC channel for RPers.





Some of the largest RP guilds on the server, in alphabetical order. More information on any of these can be found in one of our community hubs.


Explorer’s Guild - A new extension of the Explorers’ League
Contact: Hjodan-Ravenholdt

Night Vanguard - Defenders of all Alliance races
Contact: Shizari-TwistingNether, or Shimmara-TwistingNether

Huntress - Night Elves and allies defending Alliance lands
Contact: any Huntress member

The Honorborn - Mercenaries, redemption, friends of Night Vanguard
Contact: Delphinia-TwistingNether


Borrowed Time - A mercenary group; a family
Contact: Cobrak-TwistingNether, Faélenor-TwistingNether, Megeda-Ravenholdt, or Åmalyn-TwistingNether

Sanctuary - Oaths: Peace, Justice, Mercy, Sacrifice
Contact: Arahe-Ravenholdt, Vilmah-TwistingNether, Baern-Ravenholdt, Mardalius-TwistingNether, Cerryan-TwistingNether

Note: 11/2/21, I do keep this post updated, so if you notice a link is broken or you want something added, let me know.

If you’re looking at this from one of the other small RP servers because you’re checking out potential connections, feel free to join the discord and say hello!


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Huntress - Night Elves and allies defending Alliance lands
Contact: any Huntress member

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