LKG Recruitment!


LKG(LowKeyGeeks) is recruiting for new members for our 25M Roster! We are 10/14 at the moment with Ulduar, and two 10 Mans at 11/14! We are currently Looking for Range DPS! Having a healing OS is a huge plus! We raid at 7PM server(West Coast), and run MS +1 Loot system! We intend to push Hard Modes, Achievements and Heroic Modes of raid in the future! We are Casual laid back guild but do like to push our selves to experience end game content! New Comers and fresh players are welcomed!

New Members will be having a two week “Trial” period and start off with a +1 till achieving raider rank! Loot system and what +1 is explained below.

Loot system! We do run RC Loot Council Interface for our rolls! Interface is set up to see yours and others rolls. If you don’t understand how the MS +1 system works here’s a quick run down. If you and X person needs same BiS item and they win they get a +1 Losing “Priority” on your guys next BiS and you auto win the next MS roll putting you both back at +1 to roll against each other on 3rd piece that drops. We do have Minor roll option for classic 1-100 roll if you don’t want to use your MS Roll, Reminder if some one uses MS roll for said item they are still Priority over your Minor roll but they Decrease their Priority while doing so. After that classic cut and dry OS roll off.

If Interested PM me in Game Gahji or /who LKG and ask for an officer for Ginv or More info!

To bad they let players grief others players in pugs. Shady i would stay away.

To the certain incident, action has been taken internally within the guild. And to base your opinion about one guy on the entire guild is quite a stretch. Thanks for reaching out.

Meaning he is still in your guild after 3 times of the same actions?

It was two incidents, Once on his main and somehow you guys took him in with his alt. He’s been talked to and situation has been handled, he pugs a-lot with his alt with friends and I’ve occasionally as-well. There hasn’t been issue since your guys patchwork pull. Again it’s been handled, I apologize for his actions, also let’s move forward and just enjoy the game. This incident was almost two months ago. People change man.