Lizbennett - mage lf guild

IL 405 mage from char. boost looking raid on a humane schedule. I am an older player (post grad) with a good knowledge of game mechanics and raid dynamics. Looking for an adult-style group that enjoys the challenge of hard fights and doesn’t get surly when things are difficult. I’m working assiduously to lvl myself, my rep and my profs. Send IG mail to Lizbennett with discord info for a chat if interested. Thanks

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Hi Lizbennett! We might be a good fit for you. :slight_smile: Check us out, and let me know if you have any questions. Good luck with your search!

Evolved Gaming - Horde - Area 52

We are always looking for new members to come and join our age 18+, multi-gaming community!

We are currently openly recruiting for raids as we look to Ny’alotha and 8.3, and there’s room for you! We are a Heroic progression guild, and have gotten AOTC for BoD and EP. We raid Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30-10:30pm EST (optional additional hour on Thursdays). Currently, Wednesday is a clear of H Palace, and Thursday is afun run/achievement run of some type while we wait for 8.3!

Not into raiding? No problem. We love running M+ dungeons for people coming together as a guild. Questing, leveling, etc. etc.! For other information please check out the thread below.

Any questions, feel free to come find me on Discord - Severinne#3611.