Little Things = Big Difference

Hello Gentle Readers.

I am here to write about a change I have observed since returning after… a long while, just a little thing that makes a big difference to me.
It happened while I was doing some legacy farming in the Twilight Highlands. Nothing much, just some leather and dragon scale, raising some much needed cash. But I digress…

It is when the target is out of range, and I am running to intercept the target, or even when standing still as the target comes to me. Usually the bow is by my side and she is standing normally. That all changed some time ago I suppose. Now she crouches over, bow is in both hands and it is nocked, or, at least, semi-nocked. And I think that is really, really cool. Along with the new quiver that I have equipped it helps project a certain image that is distinct to the Hunter class.

So how about you Gentle Reader? Have you noticed any small changes that brighten your day? Any subtle improvements that Blizzard have introduced that make your class so much more… classier?

Tell us your story.

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You know what would be a small thing but a huge improvement? The ability to continue to be able to access a mage portal inside an instance after the mage has left the raid group.

Raid over, mage casts portal for everyone, immediately leaves raid group, nobody can use portal. SMH.

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i like the improvemnts to grpahics

do we lose our forums levels when we get banned ?

Yes. But getting back toTL2 is pretty easy. TL3 will take a lot longer. Of course, as I am TL4, I am immune to all of that.

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I’ve played non-stop for over 18 years through little changes and enormous ones. Some good, some poorly thought out, some never really made any great difference beyond being a nuisance.

The graphics have improved tremendously apart from the weird pixel boxes that show up from time to time. I still find places in the world where you can fall or see through the rendering.

I feel a lot of the content has been made way too easy compared to the real challenge and struggle we used to experience but I’m not interested in going back to Classic. I paid my dues and worked my butt off to get as far as I have but honestly, I’m done. I thought WoW would be something I did for the rest of my life but I guess there comes a time when we all have to grow up and put away our childish things.

Enjoy the game. I have. I /salute all the people who have brought me joy over the years.