List of found bugs in 10.0 so far

Sometimes though they can be game breaking and also very hard to fix.

Also, lot of arena players probably dont use base frames honestly

they actually do. All healers do. lets try and keep this thread for reporting other bugs so it doesn’t get off topic in a debate the doesn’t bring anything new

Press X to doubt. I use Aptechka for frames.

And this is a discussion forum, bug reports are elswhere.

At least they fixed the one where if you didn’t disable all addons you had a giant dead zone in the middle of the screen that made it impossible to disable addons within the game.

I’ll add that sometimes talents get bugged out permanently for whatever reason. Whenever I try to change talents on my unholy dk it puts up the ‘Unable to change talent.’ message. The funny part is when I switch to blood, it works completely fine.

Here is Blizzards list of known issues and their status

Been farming firelands this week and the alysrazor fight always break my game (all addons disabled, btw).

I haven’t tried it myself, but apparently there’s a bug for non-Tazavesh mythic+ dungeons where the soulbinds don’t work unless you leave and reenter the key after it starts.

we are talking about no add on use


You can also fix it by using regular party frames instead of raid style party frames.

Does it need a fix? Yes, it is priority? Unlikely.

why are you still here trying to argue? this isnt a debate. report the bug and move on. If you like buggy games try skyrim or something like that

Because not all bugs are created equal

This bug is solvable, and they likely know about it, it’ll be fixed when it’s fixed

I do not like buggy games, but I also know some bugs take longer to fix than others.

The new interact button does not work on controller when clicking X to close the tab, interacting with quest dialogue or completing quests. Basically it does not work with the in game tabs. It does show that you are clicking but it does not register the click.

Wonder how much controller testing they actually did honestly.

Update your ElvUI if you haven’t already.

It dosent seem enough but it’s very close to done. I have been testing with Xbox one controller since the patch launched. Overall you can set it up incredibly well with the new UI. Movement is silky smooth much better than kb/m in my opinion. You can make a really nice rotation very easily. Ive been clearing dungeons in tank and dps specs, doing rotations on the dummies. Also running that siege of boralus to see how interacts when you have to jump in vehicles (the cannon at the end) etc. Overall its very viable to play on controller, steep learning curve but very rewarding and fun once you get the hang of it.

I will get more apm’s than if I was on keyboard mouse due to how easy it is to move, also interupts feel way more snappy as I keybind it to right trigger. I am biased to controller as I cleared all the hardest content in FFXIV, Lost Ark & ESO on controller and wanted to see how WoW would handle it. Verdict: It intergrates very well and is very viable, I will be running it in Mythic + & Raids. If you want that big lounge room console experience in wow it is now possible.

someone was just talking about you cant use the ah on live now as well for anything over 120k. This is what a guildy just said when trying to buy a new mount. I dont have the goild to test for myself

Have you tried also adding console port to it for extra options?

I’ve done FFXIV with control and found it amazing, love FF with control.

Could not do lost ark with it, just felt clunky.

I played D3 on console for ages so I could do it in lost ark np due to same sort of Isometric view. I MVP on Valtan and Vykas in Lost Ark with controller :slight_smile: FFXIV was excellent with controller. At this stage I did not want to add external mods like console port to fully see how well the default integration is. I would say by the time you level to 70 you will have it mastered and be very competitive with a controller. I hate sitting at desk with kb/m. I need that huge screen massive sound system recliner controller setup :slight_smile:

I just like consoleport cause it gives a nice cross hotbar like ff :stuck_out_tongue: