Lionheart (AU) Season of Mastery Realm

I did not transfer at all. All im saying is lawsuit inc, because there is a legit case if blizz does not compensate the players that did pay real money to get their transfer revoked or account banned for something they allowed on their part, then expect to see a lawsuit is all.

Because clearly enough players took the $25 that its added up to be a thousand if not, ten thousand of dollar lawsuit. Well worth the effort in my opinion.

more than that, i LOVED the idea of banning the battlenet account from thoso who exploited the breach.


They called it a bug which means they can claim it was exploitive and the people who did it lose their money at best, at worst they get prema banned and lose their money.

Not to mention blizzard has a case of going overboard and will probably be taking anything and everything that he influenced and removing it. Eg. Anything he bought off the AH will be taken from him and the gold taken from the person he bought it from; then they put the item back in that persons bags. Thats Probably the main reason they took the server offline, so they can sift through logs without thousands of instances being added and causing lag on their end when scanning who he interacted with.


They can call it all they want. They wanna call it a bug, fine. But a good lawyer will argue it is not. Will see in court I guess if anyone wants to take this case

Maybe Harvey Birdman?


banning only character is BS! The guy who is toxic in this server, is going to be toxic in general… so F… it, farewell.

lmfao, stop larping.


Stay mad, kek.


He’s right, real world money was spent on a blizzard service. This is not as black and white as abusing an in game mechanic.

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More than likely they will just refund the $25 or force them to choose a different classic era realm by reversing transfer. That is the only plausible and reasonable outcome I can think of.

my lawyer thinks differently

Oh no real world money. Blizz better be careful then.

WOah dude are you GONNA SUE LIZZARD?? :open_mouth:

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It’s not about being “careful” it’s just a different terms of service issue. I don’t see how this is so hard for you to grasp.

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You don’t get refunded anything if you get banned, why should this be any different.

No one is getting banned. If you believe that, I legit chuckled at you

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Because the wow forum legal team is on it this time. They are contacting their lawyers. This time it’s FOR REAL.


You know what youre right; give them their money back and remove everything that was gotten via him, be it gold, potions, honor, BoEs, etc. If this is fresh then roll it back. Easy fix.

OTHERWISE it can be viewed as supporting profiting from bugs. And Profiting from bugs is called exploiting which blizzard wouldn’t support so they would need to remove the things from everyone.

If you chucked at that, I am full out laughing at you. I also never explicitly said that they would get banned, just that it’s a similar situation. Blizzard is a huge company with a lot of lawyers, I doubt anyone would want to go to court over $25 after they exploited an obvious mistake.

To clarify this is the people that clearly exploited the transfer, which blizzard can figure out. People that just transferred and didn’t realize it was a season of mastery server should get refunded.

its $25 x (number of people that transferred to AU) which I am sure is more than 10. That is already $250.

It is not an exploit if the service was accessible and people paid real money for it. The fault is on blizz and you cant twist it in anyway to make it seem like a bug, because it isnt. It was Blizzards mistake and they have to own up to it, refund, and move on.