Link to CC thread on character customization


I just wanted to link this CC post so that we can add some thoughts.

I love where this is going and felt like it should get more visibility.


there no use of that

you know why?

Community: Give us more character customizations now!

Blizzard dev: Ok when do you want it??

Community: ??

My guess is definitely something in Dragonflight!

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I might be blind, but I don’t see a Blizz dev in linked thread.
For now that is just a discussion between the CC members.

And for the topic, I’m all about creative freedom for everyone.
But I just hope that this will not take away from other stuff.

coming from gw2 to wow is just… wow. i am THIRSTY for new customization options. considering how popular/well known wow is, its weird that ffxiv and gw2 char customization blows them out of the water.

I’d love for a height customization.
That is something long overdue for WoW.

Like even tinier gnomes :star_struck:

A VERY HARD NO to all customizations across all races.

Giving each race distinctions in looks adds complexity, variety and flavor to them.

And let’s not give Blizzard an excuse not to create more distinctive hairstyles for each race.

And in-game, it would be a cultural thing. Even in North American which is a mishmash of nationalities, the more predominant anglo/white/whatever-you-want-to-call-it culture is where the majority of people, including non-whites, draw their choice of looks from. Hair style, clothing, ect, are a social message and most people like to fit in. Even counter-culture folks will style themselves within certain parameters to this end.

(I remember a lovely client from many years ago who was fresh from India and very traditional and beautiful in her dress, hair and facial decorations after she divorced switching to skirt suits, a bob and conventional make-up declaring, ‘I am American now, I want to look like an American’ when I asked about the change.)

I would hard disagree with you on that.

Give the options and let people choose how to represent their toons.

Edit: the provide a little substance as well. All of the Warcraft races have been around each other for 17plus years and co-mingling (hence the new class combos back in cata) and it’s completely immersive to expect them to copy each other’s hair options and styles.