Lightwell thoughts

I was toying with lightwell, and I wanted to hear other priest’s thoughts on this. I did a 3s and divine image did 800k out of 11 million healing (no mortal strike). I then did a duel where a person constantly kept me below 50% health and a full light well did 1.35 million healing (no mortal strike). If the threes match lasted around 6 minutes, that’s around 4 million healing expected from light well instead of 800k. I’m going to be testing it a bit more to make sure. The downsides I’m expecting are 1) positioning the light well because of the w0 yds and 2) not letting a person go below 50% freq enough.

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Lightwell is such a cool ability I been wishing they would change it a bit so it’s actually viable. At least give us some options in the holy tree. All they would need to do is increase the range a little bit and make it be able to heal LOS. OR make it moveable. Maybe bump up the % at which it heals but I don’t want it to be too OP.

I wish Druids conjured a MOONWELL.

It does a decent amount of raid healing if you’re able to expend all the charges. The issue is more that it’s an endtree talent and if you give up Miracle Worker or Divine Image for it: your overall in a net loss of hps.