LightWell Bring it back please

Blizzard please bring back lightwell as a baseline ability for Holy. I really enjoyed it and the lightwell itself was unique from any other healing class one can dream.


Hmmm…are we talking the automatic Lightwell, or the original iteration that I had to combine a passive-aggressive macro with?


Original design click to stay alive. It was such a powerful heal when used correctly, think about how it could be utilized in Mythic +.

I think keyers and raiders are more switched on these days and a click lightwell could work. if its the version where you kinda mouseover and use it without target swapping

If anyone says click was bad, how about you run through it and boom heals. This would be so cool and such a unique utility holy priest could bring to the group.

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This would allow me to return to the nightmare of saying “click the lightwell” in disc every 30 seconds and using a yell macro attached to holy words. Joy.

It really would be a cool spell though lol… A big glowing like yellow patch of light that make’s the mending sound and when you run through it heal over time!!! OMG BRING THE LIGHTWELL BACK!!

Holy priest is already inundated with too many mediocre spells fighting for relevance. Lightwell would join them.

Be more interesting having something like a buffed (AoE once a fight?) Ray of Hope from the PvP talents or Rapture joining the holy mix as something that’d make the spec stand out more.

Automatic lightwell that healed people at like 35% health was an actual godsend - literally I would do anything for it back. I loved the spell and the automatic healing it provided it was just such a neat spell, I was so sad when it was removed.

On that note btw also bring back chackras.

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Automatic Lightwell was good for the era it was in (everyone forgot how to CC and click things to stay alive).

Nowadays I’d say people are more inclined to use the OG version of it that had to be clicked. Just make it click able within like a 30-40 yd range.

OG Lightwell that was clicked was literally the single strongest heal in the game. Lightwell in general was taken out during pruning, and because during that era of WoW players were more inclined to stand in bad and blame everything on the healer. Nowadays, with M+ affixes and what not, players realize they need to do things to stay alive. I’d say it would have a good reception if we got it back.


Agreed! Blizzard really should bring back Lightwell it’s what holy priest means!


Lightwell was never very useful. The click version was just a tedious eyesore. Who wants a class that creates extra work for the group? The automatic version was just a bastardized Healing Stream Totem with less mobility.

We should focus on improving our existing spells like Prayer of Healing so that they all are worth casting.

If Lightwell returns, it should be a purely cosmetic spell or a class-specific toy that makes people glow when they click it.


Wrong Lightwell was one of the most powerful heals in the game. When it is utilized by the group/raid it’s so useful in many situations.

I never said Lightwell wasn’t a potent heal; I basically said that it was always a cumbersome and unwieldy ability that was nearly universally panned while it was in the game, despite years of tweaks and many iterations.

I don’t think Lightwell is something Holy needs back, but would be better served by improving our existing tools.

You think Lightwell is the best thing ever. I cannot agree. I see Lightwell Revival as a waste of developer resources.

Just my opinion though. It’s not like it’s up to me to decide these things. And I am happy to see some Lightwell fans after all these years. Brings back good memories.

No it’s not your opinion, what you’re saying it’s actually a fact. Lightwell was garbo in a way that people just didn’t care to use it.

I can’t even imagine having to use a cilcking lightwell in fights like Painsmith in SoD lol.

Many many more passives and old spells are there to be brought back for holy priests. Lightwell clearly is not one of them.

I do agree tho it was a really good-looking spell having that tiny golden plate shining.

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I personally want a Holyfrom for Holy priest XD . boost healing by a bit kinda similar to Shadow but for healing. Would Also make a holy version of Shadow word pain/death. Its just weird using these 2 spell as Holy. At least give me holy version as glyph so i can pretend

Holyform would be cool, I still think lightwell should return such a great spell.