Lightforged Draenei quest?

Im trying to unlock the Lightforged Draenei race… but when I go to the embassy in Stormwind… Anduin only says “war is comming to Azeroth it is time for us to bring new allies to join our cause”… and nothing else… and I have no beacon outside… like I see (youtube) some have for teleporting… none of the npc’s inside wants to talk …

please help!!! what to do …? ? ?

I have no quest in the “maps & quest log” ….

Walk into the embassy and click on each of the banners there. They will tell you what achievements you need to unlock each one, and the achievements that you have finished with be listed in green.

Also in your character creation screen, click the Allied Races, and look at each one. That will also tell you what you need, but it won’t tell you how much you have already done there.