Life long tank looking to transition to healer / dps

Hi there. I am a looking for a long term home. I have spent most of my time playing as a tank but am probably looking for a place where I can learn to heal / dps as an Evoker and even monk / Druid as well.

I am looking for a place that raids one or two times a week and maybe a little bit later so I can put my baby to sleep (9Est - 12est). I am EST time zone. I am a positive person and gamer so I am looking for that type of environment. I loved M+ when I played before and love to help others. Do I sound like a good fit?

Hit me up on discord. sloththetank

Morning everyone

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Iā€™m with the guild Synestia on Area-52.

We raid Tuesday and Monday nights, from 8:30-11p EST and are currently 3/9H looking for more! Feel free to reach out or read more about us below. We are a fairly casual AoTC guild with low pressure.

Guilds of WoW: Synestia-Area52
Recruitment Post: [NA] [A or H] [Area-52] Semi-Casual AotC Guild Seeking Ranged DPS and Heals

Bnet Contacts: Caitir#1862, Minervae#1575
Discord Contacts: caiturina, minervae_

Evening all