Libram of rapidity (1% attack speed) vs libram of voracity (8 agi/8 str etc.)

What class

I think Agility is the best no matter what. At the very least, both Rogues and Hunters want it over the 1% attack speed.

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rogue and hunter is mainly what im asking about, sorry if i didnt mention it in the OP

you might be right, 2% speed might not be enough to make a big difference…i don’t really see anyone ever discussing this though and i’m really curious to find out if people might actually be sleeping on the double rapidity tomes.

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I would like to know opinions on this too

I can only speak definitively for Feral Druid (tank), but 1% Haste is better for a bear once you have a certain combination of Attack Power, Hit, and Crit.

The same reasoning probably applies to Hunters and Rogues.
Haste gets better the more you have of every other stat, as it just increases the DPS you’re already doing.

For Rogues, not all of your DPS scales with Haste. For example, energy regeneration is mostly fixed (save for procs of energy restoration from gear sets), so Haste won’t give you more Sinister Strikes, Eviscerates, etc. It will give you more auto attacks and more poison procs, but that’s it.

Hunters, by contrast, benefit from Haste, iirc, because Aimed Shot’s cast speed is reduced by it. I don’t know about Multi-shot, but I assume that works the same.

Essentially, if [DPS * 0.01] > 8 Agility, then 1% Haste is better. If your stats are really low, increasing your DPS by 1% won’t be as much of a gain as 8 Agility.


You can also get 1% haste for gloves, but 3% total haste won’t offset the loss of 8/8/7 main stat. (There’s even +15 agility to gloves in phase 5.) You could also add in another 3% haste to a 2h with a counterweight, but that wouldn’t beat out a Crusader.

Haste just can’t be stacked high enough to be good in Classic for most classes. Mayyyyybe in mega BiS gear it could change a little, but these are very small values.

I’ve been told that the libram of rapidity does not apply to ranged attacks
so really its just a question for rogues
its presumably better than voracity once you’re in t3 gear, at least if ur combat
other specs rely more on non-white damage

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It definitely affects ranged attacks.


maybe it was haste to gloves then

That also affects ranged attacks.

huh, maybe they fixed it then

Fixed it back in 1.9, yeah.

that or the guy who told me it didnt work was wrong, whichever

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Seems more likely. Probably just assumed it didn’t and never actually tested it themselves.

For hance shamans going raw stats is better till nightfall gets released.

Then my totemic brothers and sisters we have to gimp our dps even more…

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That’s ok, I’ve had people tell me HoJ’s 2% proc applied to ranged attacks and that Paladin’s Might applied to ranged attacks and spells. There is some weird bad information floating around in Classic.

I,ve been thinking about using to see if it can get me in the sweet spot for my new gun which is currently right outside that spot for my rotation.

“I can only speak definitively for Feral Druid (tank), but 1% Haste is better for a bear once you have a certain combination of Attack Power, Hit, and Crit.”

impossible in classic. the only job of a feral tank is to have stam . armor and doge. to survive the crits and crushing blows.

2% dodge is going to destroy anything else when it comes to tanking… thats 2% less damage taken.


I’ve been debating trying to use the haste to get my gun rotation to the sweet spot. Currently right outside of it and would like to test if it will get me there.

I don’t think you’ve done much raiding in Classic, have you?

We have more than enough EHP to survive a series of crushing blows or double crits even in our full DPS gear.

1% Haste is effectively 1% more TPS, which is far more important these days.