<Liberi de Bellum> is recruiting!

Founded in 2007, Liberi, and the Dragonblight server, have been home to our core team for over a decade. We’re not just passionate about wow and all things blizzard, we’re also a family. Oh, and in case you were wondering, for the alliance!

We were hit by the dwindling subscriber numbers from a few years ago. While less of us may have been active, disbanding the guild wasn’t an option. This is our virtual home; until blizzard shuts the servers down, you’ll find us here.

WoD and Legion brought some of us back to being active. Now, we’re looking to fill our ranks. While we may not be pursuing world firsts, we’re no strangers to pve content. We have a couple of dungeon groups with our guild alliance, and at least one progression raid group. While we do tend to focus primarily on pve, some of us do enjoy pvp as well. Given the pvp oriented mechanics introduced in BfA, you’re likely to find some of us out there willing to do battle.

If you’re looking for a new place to hang up your pauldrons, Feel free to reach out to any of our guild members in discord https://discord.gg/gJRAKnC

See you out in the world.