LGBTQ+ Pride Month - In Game Activities Suggestions

OK… exactly what in game events to you propose to host yourself?

What dates/times?

What locations?

What are the nature of the events and what server will they be on?

Details please. Put your $$$ where your mouth is.


Why does it matter? I plan on making some type of event and hoping others participate as well. This thread is about giving Blizzard ideas to create a yearly calendar event, for everyone to participate.

Just trying to give you a chance to prove you aren’t a troll who is actively working to damage LGBTQ+ causes. Ah well. No one takes you seriously anyway.


man they called out op so fast that i didn’t even get a chance to get the popcorn!

Well anyways, heres to the pride month and that they get a wonderful time in these times of day.


Agreed, I made this post a couple months before it happenes to hopefully prepare Blizzard in advance.

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And I know you know

LGBTQ+ Megathread & Lounge - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (


Why are you trying to derail the thread?


I’m not interested in another players megathread. Stop spamming my thread with this link.

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All absolutely more pressing concerns. However, you didn’t mention a few others. For instance:

Pie should be our national bird!

Wait, what? It’s not a bird? But . . . you can cut it into little wedges that kinda look like wings, kinda . . .

Did I mention I like pie?

Semper Fi! :us:

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My thread was already restored, twice. This isn’t spam this is my feedback. Save you limited flags for real flaggable offenses.

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I just used it on one.


:roll_eyes: Why do you keep responding if you’re not here to talk about the topic of the thread?


Why do you keep responding to me?


Well, I mean, if you’re hoping others will participate in your event(s), these are the sort of questions you’re going to need to answer if you want to drum up any interest at all. Otherwise, you’re going to be standing there by yourself, and I’m not convinced that constitutes an ‘event’.


Wrong. I’m not obligated to answer anyone’s questions. This thread is to support the idea of a once a year holiday pride event in-game. Tahbitha just wants to derail my thread with questions not pertaining to the discussion. The entire idea is to have Blizzard make this event a server-wide one a year event that everyone can participate in.

Do it yourself. Tell everyone what you have in mind, get them to want to participate. Show Blizzard what an awesome and popular idea you’ve had, and make them want to do it.

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I definitely will try :+1:. I do hope Blizzard realizes that pride is a very important event and does something fun and exciting for pride month.

Nifty, censored but not banned.

It’s still spam…


How is the OP not perma banned yet?