LGBTQ+ Megathread & Lounge (Part 1)

I personally think pelagos was one of the worst character I’ve ever experience in the whole of WoW

I think they should have made them not straight up a pathetic second guessing weakling and gone more for like an Arya stark like character that was a little toonsure of them selves and trying to let go of their ego so their judgement wouldn’t have been clouded


I wasn’t terribly impressed with the character but we’re also in the first patch of the expansion. There’s a chance that he’ll bloom from what he is now to something much cooler over time.

However this is also Blizzard writing we’re talking about here so there’s a chance they won’t do anything at all or make it worse.


I approve of this thread. We contain the spam. There is a dedicated place for people to add creative ideas for blizzard to look at instead of a maelstrom of hate and arguments and people who dont wanna be here can rightly flunk off. Just like the Helf threads the forums will know peace again and i can drink my morning coffee without having to see 5 different threads about it.

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Think warlocks are overdue for an incubus.


Pelagos was annoying and written weak. That furthered my annoyance.


I guess, i wouldn’t use one because you know it’d just be a belf body.

Yes. This would be nice for lady lockes too as well as gentleman lockes who prefer masculine instead of feminine.


Does it come in Idris Elba?


It’s not as if we’ve ever been able to have discussions about LGBTQ things related to the game without the threads being overrun by gross behavior. Remember the Pelagos threads and FairShaw threads? They were absolute trash fires.

Both topics are game related, as is discussion of communities, guilds, and servers.



It’s an LGBT thread, it will get restored.


Theres always the mute. Thats what do every time I see these agenda topics anymore


I understand people want to flag threads like this after so much drama, but making a thread like this is the right thing to do. It organizes thoughts and opinions and it is separate from the troll posts designed to drum up drama.

So, yes, I understand people want to flag a thread like this, but really give it a chance. And, in the future if you see similar threads, troll or otherwise, you can direct them here.

People with genuine concerns and requests regarding LGBTQ+ content, should have a way to voice their opinions, just like anyone else regarding any content.


You have my full support to make this the only thread to discuss this topic.

MVPs, pin it and make it happen.


He/She said it, not us…

So I’m playing Monster Hunter Rise yeah? First Monster Hunter game I ever played.

It pretty much won me over just with the character creation process. Wanna have a femimine body but a male voice? Got it. Wanna be a manly man with a feminine voice? Check.

So just picture me all giddy at my pretty twink of a hunter and then the game goes “Oh by the way here’s this really cute dog, cat, and owl.” ( Even named my owl “Ayoohoo” like how the Stewards say it )

Too much concentrated charm and cute


Sir, this is the World of Warcraft forums.

The only games appropriate for conversation are World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, and Final Fantasy 14.


Look if we talking lgbt things I wanted to give props to when games just go “yeah sure go nuts” instead of gender locked crap


Yeah I don’t see an issue with this topic. I’m sick of seeing the 70 threads a day. The other lounge place seems to work pretty well, but up to the people to use this on this one. I still think most of them are trolls though.


Megathread??? I gonna need some more snack :popcorn:

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