LFR Raids and loot

So my 411 mage decided to que up for LFR and get some Transmog done. I am blowing up bosses and the loot drops. excited I look and to my dismay I cannot roll need on certain items I should have been able to…Ok weird, maybe it’s just that boss. I do the second boss. Same thing, some items I can roll need on but the tier pieces I cannot. This system is terrible. Why would I do LFR as a higher geared character if I cannot even roll for the transmog pieces? How am I supposed to even get the transmog? Wait until I can solo them in legacy raids in a year? How is this system supposed to work?

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You can only roll need on items that are an upgrade. The system is preventing what you are trying to do, take items from people who actually need it (improve gear).

So I guess transmog is no longer a thing? or should i just have a mage alt that just does LFR? Or how about if i get the transmog from a higher lvl raid It gives me the lower levels as well. That would work Blizz.

I agree 100% that you should get the lower ilvl transmog automatically. I passed on cape upgrades to get that fantastic flame cape for hunters and now I’m trying to pug normals now that my guild has moved on to heroic. That feels REALLY bad

Or go back in two expansion when you can solo the place. Wearing current armor appeance is lame anyways. Be like the cool kids transmog to old lo-def stuff to show you old skool wow cred.

Yeah sorry you cant take the lfr stuff feom people who need it so you can look pretty.

Do they really need it tho? A 10 mythic + would give better gear.

Why do you assume people who run lfr have the ability to or even want to run a mythic dungeo?

There is a barrier to entry in running a mythic dungeon, mainly having other friends who want to run or a pug. People who start a pug can some times have high standards and don’t want to take a noob. To run lfr you just have to que, content is fairly easy and really most of the raid can be dead and you can finish it.

Oh and since the wings have been out alittle while you can probly run them now and win some rolls.


well see if you actually did the content enough you would make friends, thus making running the content easier. Not doing the conent and saying u have no friends isn’t a valid excuse not to get gear in the easiest way possible. 10’s are also a joke. people start being tryhards about gear around 16 cause that’s where mythic tokens drop.

you telling me to wait 2 years is the dumbest thing you could say, when people can actually just play the game now and get better loot than lfr. But if blizzard made lfr loot personal, or gave you the transmog of lower lvl pieces once you got higher lvl ones, this wouldnt be an issue

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