LFR before Normal raid is messing up drops

I did an LFR 12/15/2020 before a normal and now it is counting all normal kills as LFR.

I have a screenshot of my raid kills and it is showing artificer as a LFR kill. Obviously that is not possible.

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And killing bosses on Normal is also locking us on LFR.
Just killed Huntsman on Normal and got locked on LFR.
imgur .com/gallery/ClsDlTn

Same issue

Same here only realized after I could not loot hunt/destroyer… then Inerva was bugged unattackable

This issue happened to several members of my guild tonight. A few members of our raid team ran LFR for some upgrades, And as a result, They got locked out of the Normal raid for tonight.

Really hoping this is fixed soon.

I have the same issue

a quarter of my raid is locked out of loot because they did LFR before Normal tonight.

Im interested to see how blizz will fix it.

Yeah, this is a pretty frustrating bug…

same happened to me did lfr 3 bosses and 7 on normal lost loot on 3 bosses and my lock is 7 bosses killed on lfr

warcra ftlogs.c om/ repo rts/wYfGtHF TABLkm4z1/

Same issue for us. Did LFR before normal and cant loot in normal raid.

Same issue. Did LFR, can’t loot those bosses in Normal. :frowning:

Same issue here. Did LFR then killed Lady Darkvein and couldn’t even loot her. I also didn’t get a lockout for it.

also happen to me…3 bosses no clickable boss…very lame if i knew this would had skip lfr. here hoping we get a respond

Same issue. I logged in for the first time today right at raid time, and after killing the first boss LFR shows me locked out from the first boss.

It looks like the bug is they set LFR and normal to share the same lockout. They should really re-roll loot in the mail via postmaster to resolve this.

This is such a frustrating bug and I just don’t even want to play the game this week. There are over 40 raids in this game over the last 16 years. How did this get mess up? I either wait for them to fix this then spend all week in Nathria Normal pugs or I’m behind everyone else.

yeah lfr locked me out of normal boss loot

Posted under wrong character above (the 50 mage). This one. Did normal diff raid, did not do LFR. LFR queue shows me locked out.