LFR 1/8 350 Rogue and DH Tank LFG

  1. Times available & time zone:
    Weekdays - 9AM to 3PM EST, Weekends - Anytime (Need 24 hr notice)
  2. Server preference: Uther, Runetotem
  3. Faction preference: Horde
  4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Casual to semi-hardcore
  5. Current progression/experience: Started playing Wow after 10 yrs. Starting afresh. Main - 120 Rogue (iLvl 350) Alt - 120 DH (Tank or DPS). I put in the prep work needed for raids.
  6. Recent logs (if available): N/A
  7. Contact info: Jnesys#1821
  8. Other: Rogue is Zandalari LW 150, DH is Mining/JC 150

Looking for a guild because

  1. I feel like I’ve hit a ceiling in terms of gameplay
  2. Would like to raid with familiar people and learn new roles (Healer, Range DPS) eventually
  3. I need friends on this game

(Blackçonky) #2

Hi Furtiva,

We are currently looking for more dps to fill a core raid spot. Give us a look and get in touch if interested.

Faceroll on Arthas [H] is a 2-day weekend raiding guild that is looking for individuals who are interested in pushing Mythic raid content for CUTTING EDGE while still enjoying our time. We’re looking for any roles and so long as you can play you’re spec competently you’re welcome here! We urge anyone who is interested to add our BTags and talk!

About The Guild

We’ve been around since Cataclysm and have cleared several hard-mode raids during current content. Our goal is to push as far as we can while surrounding ourselves with players who we enjoy the company of. Our leaders have experience with US Top 100 raiding.

Raid Schedule

Friday : 10pm - 1:30am EST

Saturday : 10pm - 1:30am EST

Current Progression


Normal: 8/8

Heroic: 8/8

Mythic: 2/8

Current Needs

DPS - [High] Rogues/DH/Locks/BOOMKIN!!! But we will consider and take others as well based on preformance!

Healer -[Very Low] Will consider DPS with a solid healer offspec.


Sounds like something you’re interested in? Feel free to add any of our officers and we’ll chat. No realm transfer is required until 8.1 mythic SoZ drops!

Healofsteel [Guild / Raid Leader] - Sauron#1367

Alzar [Guild Co-Leader] - Alzar#11256

Blackstool [Guild Co-Leader] - Blackstool#1408

Crouching [Guild Officer] - Daniel#1124


Hi. I’ve sent friend requests to Alzar and Sauron. Let’s talk soon. :slight_smile: