LFM M+ and Raiders!

<Shadow Wolves> is a casual guild on Cenarion Circle. We are a friendly, close group of friends who are looking for more folks to run mythic +, raid and just hang out with! Our raid team runs Tues and Saturday nights (8pm-10pm Pacific time) and are looking for a tank and a few more good dps. Ideally our new tank would be available other days for mythic+ as well.Our current wish list includes a demon hunter, rogue, shaman and warlock, but we will accept other dps classes too!
We always welcome non-raiders as well!
Please message Misschris or Reshyk in game for details! You can also find me on discord, Waya#4749
Edited 10/24 to add that we are looking for a tank!
Still looking for a reliable tank and some more solid dps as we push our way into heroic!
hey I would love to speak with you when you get a chance about the guild. ill message you on BN
H3CKY34H#1530 you can add me and message me there if you would like
Added on bnet! I just realized I forgot to include the [A] tag but would still love to chat if you're interested. We are 4/8 heroic now. Woohoo for progress!

Still looking for a tank and some more dps! You don’t have to join the guild to raid with us :slight_smile:

Happy New Year! We are working hard on heroic to end this raid, and are still recruiting as we prepare to move into Siege of Zuldazar. You can message me in game for more info at glados#1721 - happy raiding!

Still looking for a tank for m+, and some dps with tank/healing off-spec. We are 8/9 normal and 2/9 heroic now for raid.

Do you guys train new folks who might be doing lower M+ tiers but are interested in the higher tiers? I’m looking to work toward the higher content, but +6 is really the highest I’ve been able to manage. I play all roles, but I’m best at monk tank/holy priest healing. I’m dabbling with spriest and WW monk.

Hi Dalton! Yes, we try to do lower keys here and there, especially if we have new folks who are learning/gearing up. Our guild has quite a few altaholics (myself included) who are just happy to be grouping up and getting something done. I’m primarily looking for tanks/dps but we can rotate people around if needed!

Happy holiday weekend! Currently seeking a tank and solid dps for our heroic progression. Find one of us in game for more info!

Bump!! Still looking to expand our group!!

Still looking for tanks/dps? I’ve got at DK and Hunter that are looking for a good Alliance-side guild.

I’m looking for a guild to do M+ and raids with, ilvl 411 enhancment shaman is my main

still looking for more strong players!

I’ve recently created a m+ community to help folks find others who are interested! https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/Wv7jmGou4mv?region=US&faction=Alliance


Quick bump! Since we have earned AOTC for Eternal Palace, our guild is taking a break from raids until 8.3. However, we are still completing M+ and looking for some more dps to prepare for Ny’alotha. You can find our ad for in-game recruitment M+ communities and/or guild finder (just search Shadow Wolves), or PM Misschris directly for more info!