LFM "Casual" (A) Garona (CST)

Is your main’s guild all ‘achieved’ out? Are you returning after a LONG absence from the game? Send your alts (or your main) over to Azeroth Trap Lordz to level up.
REALLY (no, seriously), really casual guild looking for more.
You will have incremental guild repairs up to 100. If you choose to return to your main’s guild after you ding, that is OK.

  • What we get from you
    • Guild Achievements.
    • An investment in the future of the guild.
  • What you get from us
    • No pressure leveling.
    • Guild repairs.
    • A temporary or permanent home for your main/alt.
  • Due to RL obligations, no guarantees on any type of a schedule, ATM.
    Best wishes and have fun playing,
    ATL GM