LFG West Coast

Former Mythic Raider in Uldir this expansion, WORLK, Cata, And Mists, lf a guild that needs a Blood DK Tank, or Unholy DPS. top 100 Dk for Dps for mythic+ keys on my server. Blood DK is faceroll. Prefer West Coast times after or at 8 pm server time.

Guild & Server: Liberty and Allegiance US [A] Proudmoore
Raid Times: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 8pm-11pm PST
Current Prog: 4/8 M EP
Recruitment Contact: Falstar#2961 (Discord)
App website: la-gaming.enjin. com/
WowProg: wowprogress .com/guild/us/proudmoore/Liberty+and+Allegiance

Requirements: 90% attendance during trial period with posting out with advanced notice for emergencies. Neck level 55 minimum, prior Mythic experience preferred
Needs: In need of Fury Warrior, Hpally, Havoc DemonHunter, Ele Shaman, Mage, Warlock and Blood Death Knight. Will review any exceptional application.

Hello, we are recruiting:

Lint Roll My Carpet | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Saturday and Sunday, 1:00am-3:30am CST



Our guild is looking to pick up a couple new friends and it looks like we have the times you’re looking for if you’re interested in a heroic-focused group :slightly_smiling_face: We’re on Aerie Peak, but have some friends who join us from other servers so transferring ASAP isn’t a requirement for us (tho of course we’d prefer it happen eventually!) We are currently looking for DPS, but love tank/heal off-specs!

We’re a pretty relaxed group of people who, while we take what we do seriously, are looking to have fun and do what we can as a team! We want to progress but the well-being of our raiders is top priority. We are a primarily heroic guild, but like to try our hand at some casual mythic once we have heroic on farm. We had AoTC for all Legion Tiers, and have come pretty close to upholding that for BfA.

Currently we are 8/8N & 7/8H for EP
(and were 9/9H & 1/9M for BoD, 2/2N & 1/2H for CoS, and 8/8H & 2/8M for Uldir)

Our raid times are:
Wednesday 8-11 PM Pacific
Thursday 8-11 PM Pacific
Friday 8-11 PM Pacific (Optional fun run/alt run)

We also have people who are interested in non-raid activities, like M+, achievements, farming, etc.

If you’re interested and have any questions, or just want to hear more I can be reached at Phes#11476 (Bnet) or Murryblue#1461 (Discord.)

I recommend checking the Recruiting Discord if you’re not already a part of it. Guilds are sorted by faction, type (CE, AOTC, etc) and raiding schedule (Weekend/Weekday, etc) to make finding a home easier. If you need any help, just post in help and our mods can assist you. :slight_smile: Good luck this tier!

Link: https://discord.gg/vN2sWsB

PS you can also search in a specific channel for a certain time by using the search bar and selecting a channel you’re interested in. Once you have that you can put a time or a day, etc in order to make sure that you find guilds that meet your schedule needs. The screenshot below is an example. The right side shows the guilds in Horde CE 3 Day that raid at 10pm.

I check the late night channels in the related categories. Not sure if you’re trying to stay Alliance or you just need the time specifics, but hopefully the search function helps!

We are an AOTC and mythic guild looking for solid DPS with an open mind and willing to adapt. Adult community. Come join our community for M+, Heroic clears and Mythic Progression.

Raid Times:
Thurs/Fri 10pm-1am PST

Heroic Runs:
Wed 10pm-12am PST

M+10s and higher on off nights.

Discord/Angry Assignments/DBM or Big/Littlewigs Required

425+ ilvl and HOA 60+ required.

add Decrapitator#11851 for more info

<Fireside> of Proudmoore (US Alliance West Coast) is recruiting Heroic raiders to join our team!

Schedule: Friday & Saturday 7:30pm-10:00pm PST (10:30PM-1:00AM EST)

  • Optional Normal Night: Wed 7:30pm-9:30pm Normal Raid
  • Monthly Off-Week: We take one week off from raiding per month. Though our Off Weeks slow our progression, we feel that it is a nice trade-off to have a free weekend for other things every month and also to preserve enthusiasm for the game.

About Fireside:
Fireside of the Alliance on US Proudmoore. Founded in October 2012, we are a small, casual, PVE guild with a Heroic Raiding Team. Our guild is the perfect place for someone who wants to balance WoW content with their personal lives. Our atmosphere is friendly, relaxed, and respectful. Our members are here to conquer current content and to create meaningful long term friendships.

We are a small Heroic Raid Team that always achieves Ahead of the Curve together. Our environment is friendly, chill, and also earnest towards downing content. Our goal is to ever grow as a team, so we expect our raiders to know their role and class, keep up their weapons and gear, keep up with class changes, and to have a good team attitude.

  • We choose to remain a Heroic Raid Team and do not have plans for Mythic Raiding in the near future. (We will dabble in mythic, if heroic content becomes farmable, but not to a big extent, maybe the first couple bosses)


  • Join our Discord: discord.gg/UDxzwvH
    *(GM) Nimi - btag: Nim#11149 // discord: Nim#9474
  • Website: firesideguild.com

We even have a recruitment video! Check it out!

Tyrannosaurus Rekt of <Seraph> Mal’Ganis is a Cutting Edge (CE) team founded just before Uldir to be a close-knit group of players who want to grow into the most successful 6-hour/week Mythic raiding team possible.

We raid two days a week.

Sun/Mon 9-12 Server Time (CST)


Good attitude! No one likes to hanging out with Negative Nancy or Ragaholic Ryan.

ilvl 410+, neck level 50+ (or close enough), 7/9M experience or better in BDA (or previous relevant Mythic experience). We may consider exceptional applicants who are returning to raiding, and have great logs from previous tiers

You must know your raiding class/spec thoroughly well. We will deep dive your logs.

No alts are required, but if you choose to raid on one, you should play it well enough to not need coached by others.

90% attendance. You must bring your focus and A-game for those 6 hours every week. TRekt raids on an ultra-light schedule, so your active participation and reliability are imperative for us to progress at an enjoyable and engagingly fast pace.

Still reading? Yay!

If you’re the kind of player who loves to run M+, post pictures of your cat/dog, or just really likes dinosaurs, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Recruitment Contacts: