LFG Tool / RDF

I will admit if the tool was something like what we have in shadowlands I probably could be swayed to give it an honest try. I of course want RDF but a tool like the retail one would show me they mean well in the promise of making a solid tool.

Instead we got the TBC garbage tool with a EXTREMELY small increase in functionality. Then they FORCE you to use this tool to even use the LFG channel which tells you its already set up for forced success metrics. No matter what it will be a wild success because they can point to EVERYONE IS USING THE TOOL because even talk in the channel to use the addons we all will use instead you have to join the terrible new tool.

Give us RDF or give us a REAL tool Blizzard. Not one that has a gimmick forced success metric for you to put on the charts during your pat yourself on the back staff meetings. Give us a REAL and QUALITY tool people want to use. It is just madness that anyone thinks this is going to be anything but an artificial success because of forced participation.


I’m looking forward to what updates they have for the LFG tool and I’m hoping it’s more like what the retail LFG tool is like.

I’m really glad there will be no RDF. I don’t think RDF is good for the game at all.


Blizz won’t listen at this point, the only thing they will hear is their profit margins going down the drain from people unsubbing due to this garbage, it’d be great if we could make our own lfg channel to subvert their forced tool.


It’s not going to happen. Unfortunately RDF can’t make blizzard money like faction changes can which is why faction changes are back but RDF isn’t.

Instead of trying to convince blizzard to put RDF in which they won’t, provide suggestions to make LFG better. My suggestion was a teleport to dungeon button for all pre wrath dungeon content because without it, many dungeons are simply not accessible to low level players like ragefire chasm for alliance and deadmines for horde

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Link? Interested in what they said

They have no plans to add RDF. Woot!


It’s a money decision. No time spent making sure RDF works saves money. Having a clunkier leveling experience promotes 70 boost sales, and makes money.

They see the writing on the wall for Classic. Dragonflight is going to be a large disruption, being so soon after Wrath launches. And nobody wants Cataclysm Classic, so it won’t be seen as financially viable.


I’m an anti-RDF person, and I also agree the tool is not shaping up to what was expected. It’s essentially the same tool in TBC Classic with some new graphical updates.

I was expecting the retail LFG tool, and this isn’t it. The TBC Classic LFG tool has been working for me while leveling my alt, so its not entirely bad. But still, disappointed they tried to make it look like retail, without actually changing the tool.


Ahh Blizzard Greed, now i understand… And I am guessing most of the “Fanboys” of the NO RDF are all employees of Blizzard or brainwashed players who want it to fail just because they think blizzard will love them more for their support… ahh enlightened…

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They would have saved more money scrapping the LFG tool project as a failure and redirecting the remaining budget they saved by scrapping it before exhausting the budget to use elsewhere.

Like fixing a broken down car. You think it will cost $10,000 to fix and half way through you realize that it will never run right even if you use all $10,000 to fix it. Do you waste the other $5,000 trying to fix it anyway or put it towards a new car?

I am pretty pro RDF, but if we got the tool from retail I would 100% be supportive of at least trying it out and seeing how it goes with an open mind. Mostly because it works and has some functionality.

Instead we got RDF taken away for something that is next to useless.


Except it seems they have maybe 3 unpaid interns on the LFG tool team, and having clunky leveling will directly increase level 70 boost $ales.

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People are going to buy the boosts regardless. They don’t need to create an issue to tempt people to do it. They don’t need to make players suffer through another expansion looking at a LFG window for hours to only give up frustrated and do something else. Look at tbc launch, the amount of people with multiple accounts just at the start for profession cooldowns was unreal.

People wanting to reroll classes but don’t want to spend a week getting to 70 just to START wotlk content.

The examples go on and on and on. I’d be willing to bet a good 30% of the player base already plans on purchasing said boost, if there was a way for us to confirm those stats I’d gladly make that bet.

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Not when they open up unlimited 70 boosts. It’s coming.

That is my point exactly! Even if they gave us RDF, people would still buy multiple boosts! because $40, $50, $60 is worth them saving a week of their time to get to jump right into wotlk with the class/classes they want.

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It’s a numbers game. The worse you make the leveling experience, the fewer will try to enjoy it rather than paying money. It will increase sales to not have RDF. Not everyone would buy multiple boosts if it were more fun to level. But more will when it’s this annoying.

same basically living in que while leveling and NOTTA.

This system is terrible
This system is not wanted
This system is Toxic and promotes toxicity

This system must be in place so that they sell more boosts

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The only people that wouldn’t buy a boost would be those who couldn’t afford it. Which in that case it would be a mute point because they wouldn’t buy it regardless of RDF existing or not.

It is a TERRIBLE pitch from any sales department to make your product crap in hopes it will some how increase revenue. It would be pure delusion to suggest it.

They also aren’t PURPOSELY making the leveling process more painful, they are attempting at giving us a viable alternative, it is simply just a failed project that should be scrapped. Which leads me to believe that sales pitch didn’t realistically happen or was laughed out of the office.

Blizz: “No RDF because we want to protect server communities”

Also Blizz: Literally can’t be bothered to manage server faction balance or populations

Love to see it.


considering people have to make a post on the LFG tool to use the world wide LFG chat, they probably think its going great since it has close to 100% usage

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