LFG tool feedback

Well, your experience has been quite different from mine, but I’m on a fresh server, so there aren’t a bunch of level 70s queuing for low level dungeons.

One thing that I have noticed is a lot of people just toss out an invite, and don’t even mention which instance it is for. Personally, I whisper someone first with something like, “Want to DPS SM GY?”

That may be helpful in resolving some of your problems.

I would have already transitioned to a private server but my best friend is flying out and we are going to nerd out during the release… I am hoping that by the time that is over… the initial buzz has worn off… that RDF will be back.

I did although slightly abbreviated to “DPS SP?” or “Tank Ramps?”

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Yeah, that should be fine, unless there are language issues. Anyway, it’s too bad you had such bad luck with people in your groups.

That just shows how different two people’s experiences can be with the same things! Almost every group I’ve joined has stuck together and run multiple instances back to back.

I would have LOVED to join a fresh server and level new characters… but my dumb best friend refuses to… says he has put too much work to start over. I bet the Fresh servers have a sweet wave of good dudes running instances… as I am sure when Wrath launches we will similarly see a wave of people running the 70+ content for a few weeks.

I am concerned what happens after that.


Yeah, we don’t know what we don’t know at this point, but it’s a fun ride right now.

I’ve definitely questioned my decision to go from well over 10K gold, epic flying and maxed professions to barely scraping enough gold together to afford most of my skill upgrades as I level, but we’ve got a great guild community, and I’m still having fun so far!

ITT, OP doesn’t know how to form dungeons groups and then blames Blizzard.

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Someone didn’t read the op.

i have at least come to the understanding and accepted that RDF dream is dead man… You need to get over it.

Second, if you don’t provide practical feedback then you’re not contributing to the solution, and watering down the efforts of those who do.

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I actually don’t have to get over it… so no.

I am contributing to the solution, which obviously is RDF… sorry if I was not clear on that.

oh wait… looking back I was you just have to read to the bottom.


How long have you been playing Blizzard games that you have not figured out yet that they’re irrationally stubborn on dumb stuff like this.?

26 years… they are super stubborn/slow but they typically eventually reverse incredibly asinine decisions… so I am hopeful… but it might take awhile.

They only change direction once they have manufactured a completely new way to screw things up… I mean… look back on history a min, you will remember all the times blizard has done this.

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Not necessarily true… sometimes they figure out a way to make money off it and then change it… but yeah you are not wrong. T_T

I wanted the REAL Wrath experience again also, I wanted it on the REAL Wrath engine also, but allas, this is the turd we’re getting…

So the only thing I can think of is actually improve the LFG tool because tis the best we got right now.

I have fluctuated between your position and pushing to get RDF reimplemented. At the end of the day, if I am a paying customer they can listen to me and the thousands of other players furious at this terrible decision.

They take away RDF, get inundated with complaints, add a horrible newfangled tool that just makes everything worse, get negative feedback about that, then DOUBLE DOWN on the original bad idea, and finally do NOTHING to make the new tool better and release it in the prepatch.

It’s comical really… how can a seasoned developer be this bad?

Blizzard used to be the best… and in those years they made a game that will forever be in my heart. It just sickens me to see them screw up what in my opinion was the most perfect MMO ever made. Wrath was it man, and they grabbed that golden goose by the neck and took a huge turd down its throat and tried to make Thanksgiving dinner out of it. Just sad.


Man that LFG tool is hot trash.

  1. Switches roles to tank for everyone just randomly it seems.
  2. Horribly not intuitive.
  3. People can que for whatever role… so dumb…
  4. You have no idea what role people are applying as…

Yeah… thanks for delievering on the tool that will make us want to wish RDF away in totally the wrong ways.

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RDF is the quality solution to the LFG Tool for pugging dungeons.

Realistically both should be in the game.

I would as you know love RDF, but I don’t think they’re gonna budge man.

They said that the were not removing aoe cap in SL but they did, same for covenant swapping and conduit energy. Once they see the hard decline on the servers population or how people don’t play alts because is aids to level without RDF and everyone is complaining everywhere they will add it back, the question is how many patches into the expansion it will take them to do it.

Blizzard you think that you do but you don’t.

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This happens with dungeon finder.

This doesn’t happen with dungeon finder, but it could easily be fixed by adding a default option to to only accept people who are in a “safe” level range that won’t incur experience losses.

This happens with dungeon finder.

This happens with dungeon finder.

This happens with dungeon finder.

This happens with dungeon finder.

This happens with dungeon finder (if you’re a DPS).

Maybe stop trying to pin the blame on the LFG tool when every single problem you’ve stated here was literally only caused by playing with idiots and jerks.